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Crunching tremolos, soaring riffs, the greatest lyrics of all time, and Marr leading the way.
I did the first piece for CSI - it's a rock riff played as the team comb a crime scene for clues - and they liked it enough to ask me for more.
Steve Levine, record producer and panelist, said: "Whole Lotta Love is one of the most important guitar riffs of the 20th century - the moment you hear literally two notes of it, you know exactly what it is.
In the musical "West Side Story" the character Riff is a cluster of emotions whose untimely departure from the action at the end of the first act foretells greater tragedy to come.
Grab your Stratocaster or your Les Paul or whatever you play and cut us a riff we won't soon forget.
It seems impossible for this band not to write killer choruses, but they also use dynamics brilliantly, shifting seamlessly between crunchy distorted riffs and beautiful melodic passages.
And when they really go for broke, All Of You rides a guitar riff Velvet Revolver would be proud of.
I'm sure it helps that his riffs are catchy too," he stated.
After freezing Jeremy at 15 for over a decade, it just felt like time to cut the kid a break and move on to a different set of challenges and frustrations," Borgman told Michael Cavna of Comic Riffs.
While knaves twist, and fools resist its simplicity;/Philosophical isms, and jazzmen's riffs,/Religious schisms, and Kipling's Ifs,/Are swallowed by its profundity.
The eighteen numbers comprising "Baby Loves Jazz' include some beloved and traditional songs of childhood with a jazzy new arrangement replete with energetic riffs and scats that will have kids 'grooving to the beat'.