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RIFFSRetail Integration and Fulfillment System
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And that's music to the ears of axeman Slash, the Staffordshire star who played the famous riff, and whose Paradise City is also listed in the Top 20.
"I wanted a riff people would really get and would bring a smile to their faces."
THE guitar riff on Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water has been voted the greatest of all time.
A joyous blend of riffs and melodies from a young band who are far tighter than they have any right to be at this fledgling stage of their career, The Neon Handshake is a truly international affair.
Songs like All The Small Things and Teenage Dirtbag have effortlessly combined chugging guitar riffs with pop hooks so barbed that they lodge in the back of the brain and stubbornly refuse to quit.
The final poem, an invective for poet and critic Jorie Graham, "Composition for White Critics," riffs brilliantly on commercial images and obscure references to the work of Modernist and post-Modernist poet's framing (including Ms.
Murray riffs biography, history, art history, and criticism, along with film and literary criticism and philosophy, into his own masterpiece.
THERE'S a little bit of Stiff Little Fingers in the opening salvo of Axis Of's debut album Finding St Kildea - an insanely catchy, punk guitar riff followed by even more insanely catchy, punk guitar riffs.
Choppy riffs and a catchy chorus will satisfy their growing fanbase.
The driving thunderous bass and choppy riffs of Pandemonium was a highlight.
Catchy, jangly guitar riffs are slung about violently.
Bastinado is peppered with huge chord riffs and Expedestrians is all rock and not very much roll.