RIFRReportable Injury Frequency Rate (work statistic)
RIFRResearch Institute of Forests and Rangelands
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coli DA11782 (mcrA, [DELTA]mrr-hsdRMS-mcrBC, [DELTA]lacX74, deoR, recA1, araD139[DELTA] [araleu] 7697, galK, rpsL, endA1, nupG, rifR).
We thank Noemi Nogrady for providing the Escherichia coli J5-3 RifR strain.
The use of polymerase chain reaction-single-stranded conformational polymorphism (PCR-SSCP) to study rpoB gene mutations in rifampin-resistant (RIFr) Mycobacterium tuberculosis has yielded contradictory results.
Thirty-five strains were rifampin resistant (RIFr), and 11 were rifampin sensitive (RIFs).
The 35 RIFr isolates had MIC values as follows: two isolates had an MIC of 2 [micro]g/mL; six of 8 [micro]g/mL; one of 16 [micro]g/ mL; one 32 [micro]g/mL; two of 64 [micro]g/mL; two of 128 [micro]g/mL; eight of 256 [micro]g/mL; one of 512 [micro]g/mL; two of 1,024 [micro]g/mL, and ten of 2,048 [micro]g/mL.