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RIFSReflectometric Interference Spectroscopy
RIFSRemedial Investigation & Feasability Study
RIFSReduced Interframe Spacing
RIFSRothamsted International Fellowship Scheme (UK)
RIFSRoland International Freight Services (Los Angeles, CA)
RIFSRegional Ionospheric Forecast and Specification
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The miRNA array identified 105 microarray probes with expression levels in RIF patients that were 2-fold greater compared with those in the control group (93 upregulated and 12 downregulated).
The first branch in the miRNA heat maps was able to differentiate samples from the RIF group and the control group.
Early in the RIF planning process, employers should evaluate job functions and skills to identify which functions are essential and the ones that may be eliminated or consolidated.
Confirm whether the RIF will trigger the vesting of pension or benefit plans for some employees.
NSEA uses public RIF hearings to educate both school board members and the larger community about the human cost of proposed staff cutbacks.
The worst way to begin a RIF is with a list of names already selected.
With a "blank" chip, the coating and blocking process can be monitored by RIfS in real time at room temperature (20 [+ or -] 2 [degrees]C).
To illustrate its point, the court suggested thinking of a RIF as a kind of hiring.