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RIFSReflectometric Interference Spectroscopy
RIFSRemedial Investigation & Feasability Study
RIFSReduced Interframe Spacing
RIFSRothamsted International Fellowship Scheme (UK)
RIFSRoland International Freight Services (Los Angeles, CA)
RIFSRegional Ionospheric Forecast and Specification
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In the present study, the predominant mutation for RIF resistance was found to be in rpoBS531L (71%), which was in agreement with the finding by Yadav et al.
Abbreviations MDR-TB: Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis DOTS: Directly observed treatment short course WHO: World health organization RIF: Rifampicin INH: Isoniazid DNA: Deoxyribonucleic acid PCR: Polymerase chain reaction LiPAs: Line-probe assays XDR-TB: Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis DNA: Deoxyribonucleic acid.
* Employers should consider the impart of the RIF on demographics.
While RIF decisions are often difficult, employers should try to structure the workforce reduction in such a way so the cuts go deep enough to achieve business objectives, but not so deep as to impart the ongoing viability of the organization.
The legal framework in which a lawyer approaches employment decisions during a RIF guides these strategies.
(21) In a RIF context, legitimate non-discriminatory reasons for an individual's layoff may include cost-cutting considerations, performance, or the necessity for particular skills and abilities, among other reasons.
NSEA uses public RIF hearings to educate both school board members and the larger community about the human cost of proposed staff cutbacks.
They might be found under state law or even in negotiated contract language," advises UniServ Director Marcus Albrecht, who currently handles RIF cases in Illinois.
The worst way to begin a RIF is with a list of names already selected.
With a "blank" chip, the coating and blocking process can be monitored by RIfS in real time at room temperature (20 [+ or -] 2 [degrees]C).
To illustrate its point, the court suggested thinking of a RIF as a kind of hiring.
Twelve patients (numbered RIF1–RIF12), who all had a history of RIF, participated in the study group (RIF group).