RIG-IRetinoic Acid-Inducible Gene I (protein)
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RIG-I Deficiency Does Not Alter Antiviral Interferon and Inflammatory Cytokine Responses to Influenza Infection.
The IFN-[beta] and [lambda]2/3 response to flu infection was similar in RIG-I KO and WT mice.
In order to further examine the role of RIG-I pathway activation in the response to IAV infection, we next investigated whether depletion of MAVS, the RIG-I adaptor, affects the survival rate during IAV infection.
Lung expression of RIG-I and MDA5 was modestly upregulated following influenza infection in MAVS KO mice as compared with WT mice, suggesting that there was attempted compensation for MAVS KO by overexpression of RIG-I and MDA5.
Interferon and Inflammatory Response Genes Are Induced during IAV Infection Even in the Absence of RIG-I or MAVS.
The DEGs that distinctively changed in each strain only accounted for 17.7% (WT), 10.2% (RIG-I KO), and 8.9% (MAVS KO).
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