RIHELRegional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership (Denver, CO)
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One study screened a 3968-compound library for neuroactivity in young zebrafish by assessing the rest/wake locomotor states in 4-7 day old larval zebrafish (Rihel et al., 2010).
Although chapter 2, "The Books of Martyrs in the printing house," begins with Foxe's continental education as a Marian exile, specifically, his association with two humanist printer-publishers, Wendelin Rihel in Strasbourg and Hieronymus Froben in Basel, its true protagonist is John Day whose technological and financial acumen saw the first four editions of the Book of Martyrs (1563, 1570, 1576, 1583) through the press and set new standards for the London printing trade.
(58) We do not know who commissioned the Strasbourg printer Wendelin Rihel to produce Luther's A Faithful Admonition of a Certain True Pastor, but this individual facetiously assigns this translation to the forefather of Christian martyrology ('Eusebius Pamphilus'), to a transparently allegorical printer ('Conrade Freeman'), and to a place of publication close to a favoured royal palace ('Grenewych').
(25.) The index is not found in the Latin edition, Leipzig, 1572; an abridged index to the loci communes is found in the edition Strassburg: Theodosius Rihel, 1580 (along with a regular index of subjects arranged alphabetically).
Major illustration changes took place first in 1538 with the substitution of better copies of woodcuts from Durer's Kleine Passion and later with pirated illustrations (for examples, in Wolrab's 1543 edition) from other, similar publications, such as Wendelin Rihel's Leienbibel (Strasburg: Rihel, 1540).