RIHLRencontres Internationales Henri Langlois (French)
RIHLRecreational Ice Hockey League (various locations)
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In Table 6, it is possible to observe that infants of farming mothers passed the TEOAE with greater rate of RIHL, as well as they failed the TEOAE with greater rate, without evidencing any RIHL.
There was association between the infants' results in the Pass/Fail and the Risk Indicators for Hearing Loss (RIHL), where the highest rate (5.1%) of infants who fail the TEOE evidenced RIHL, and they were farmworkers' infants.
The fact that farmworkers' infants passed with higher rate of RIHL differs from data reported in a study which objectified to investigate the probable maternal and fetal effects after inhaling Flumetralin, sort of growth inhibitor of axillary gems, used in tobacco fields.
The association between the infants' Pass/Fail results and the Risk Indicators for Hearing Loss (RIHL) between the groups (female tobacco farmworkers and other female farmworkers), did not evidence any statistically significant differences.
Association of infants' pass/fail results and risk indicators for hearing loss between the groups of mothers Grupos Infants (F) n=25 Tobacco Farming Farming Mothers (p) (A) n=34 Mothers (n) (%) (n) (%) Without RIHL 20 33.9 25 42.4 0.564' With RIHL: 5 8.5 9 15.3 Passed" 23 39.0 31 52.5 0.911" Failed" 2 3.4 3 5.1 Chi-square Test *p=<0.05 RIHL=Risk Indicators for Hearing Loss; F= Female Tobacco Farmworkers; A = Female Farmworkers (') = Association of the results of Risk Indicators for Hearing Loss (RIHL) between the groups of mothers.