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RIIARoyal Institute of International Affairs (London, UK)
RIIARetirement Income Industry Association
RIIAResearch Initiative on International Activism (social movement research; University of Technology Sydney; Australia)
RIIARed de Intercambio de Información de las Américas
RIIARabbit Ileal Invasion Assay (molecular biology)
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Even the big operators, including the major international oil companies, need to engage with elite networks around the presidency which allocate licenses, subsidies and other favours as well as other mechanisms such as over-invoicing, diversion of oil and loan financial flows, and monopolistic or oligopolistic control over imports (RIIA 2005).
The RIIA report also found that many plants lacked preparedness for large-scale attacks outside office hours and there were communications difficulties between operational NPP technology engineers and cyber security personnel, many of whom were located off site.
"The approach we have taken is a generational leap forward that reflects RIIA's innovative thinking and engagement with our members," said Francois Gadenne, co-founder, chairman and executive director of the organization, in a statement.
With input from Kysilewsky, Seton-Watson chose several Ukrainian speakers to participate in the RIIA's lecture series and approached Ukrainian scholars for contributions to the Slavonic and East European Review.
Either way, said Rappaport, the planning will be eased using a household balance sheet: a financial statement (and core component of RIIA's RMA curriculum) that can detail financial assets contributed by each family member, enabling the advisor to ascertain how much each should receive in any divvying up of those assets.
24) taken from Riia Steblin's A History of Key Characteristics in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries ([Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Research Press, 1983], 221-308) is a useful addition to this discussion of which keys are associated with different emotional slates.
The Kingdom's problem was scrutinised in a perceptive study in December 2011 by the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), better known as Chatham House, in London entitled Burning Oil to Keep Cool.
Two members of the EP have already announced their intention to stand as candidates: Dagmar Roth-Behrendt (S&D, Germany) and Riia Oomen-Ruiten (EPP, Netherlands).
(6) The anti-heparin/PF4 antibody can activate platelets through the Fc gamma RIIa receptor and also likely activates endothelial cells, leading to additional platelet activation with further release of PF4, creating a positive feedback loop.