RIIDRadiation Isotope Identifier
RIIDResonance Ionization Imaging Detection
RIIDRegional Investigation and Intelligence Division (Philippines)
RIIDReserve Intelligence Integration Division (Joint Reserve Intelligence Program)
RIIDRadio-Isotope Identifier Device
RIIDRadiation Isotope Identification Device
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RIIDs analyze the spectrum of radiation in order to identify specific radioactive materials.
The next step in the thwarted attack might be the use of an RIID to identify the type of radioactive material and its potential for harm.
Instruments used to detect nuclear and radioactive material are generally placed into the following categories: personal radiation detectors (PRDs), radioactive isotope identification devices (RIIDs), radiation portal monitors (RPMs) and non-invasive imaging (NII) systems.
All traffic is routed through one choke point, where VACIS and RIID devices are set up.
Guao, also known to have the aliases Leah, Ligaya, and Laya, did not resist when accosted by joint elements of the 36th Infantry Battalion (36th IB), the Regional Intelligence Investigation Division of the Police Regional Office 13 (PRO 13 RIID), and the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG 13) at 2:50 p.m.
Tenders are invited for Indentifinder R400 Flir Radiosotape Identification Device (Riid)
The intent of this Request for Quote and resulting contract is to obtain firm fixed prices from a qualified vendor to provide One (1) FLIR Radioisotope Identification Device (identiFINDER, model number idF2-NG) for the purpose of providing the State of Idaho DEQ/INL Oversight Program with the same radioisotope identification device (RIID) used by State of Idaho first-responders (Regional Response Teams, State Police, and local Fire Departments) for their response to radiological incidents.
The donations include Mercedez Benz Sprinter vans with installed detector module kits, four sets of office accessories and traffic control safety equipment, four radiation detection backpacks and associated accessories, 12 radiation pager personal radiation detectors, four FLIR Systems identiFINDER 2 NG Radioactive Isotope Devices (RIIDs), four Rapiscan PRM-470 CG survey meters, a replacement laptop, maintenance and source kits.
(5) GADRAS could be modified to improve the performance of radioisotope identification devices (RIIDs).
Tenders are invited for purchasing of 49 radiation isotope identification detectors (riids) that will meet or exceed the specifications listed below in order to ensure we are meeting the steady state and enhanced steady state goals set forth by the securing the cities initiative.
Contract Awarded for Basic handheld radioisotope identification devices (riids)