RIJRight Internal Jugular (vein)
RIJRefugees International Japan (est. 1979; Tokyo, Japan)
RIJRetina Institute Japan
RIJRussell Investments Japan
RIJRéseau Insertion Jeunes (French: Youth Inclusion Network)
RIJRéseau d'Information Jeunesse (French: Youth Information Network)
RIJRepetitive Incomplete Join (Unreal game engine security exploit)
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Expression (IX - IPSn i=1 IPSn i=1 rijXij)) is a residual, which reflects the difference between the actual export growth of focus country (IX) and the growth that would have occurred if the country maintained its export share of each commodity to each market (IPSi IPSj rij Xij).
The error that occurs in estimating Rij using these equations will depend on Rs, on the size of the array (M and N), and the range of values of the resistances of the sensors [16, 26].
"Like it or not, for students today, social media is a way to amplify everything," notes van Rij.
role user (Ui, RC, ASj: agent, SKey1 : symmetric_key, SKey2 : symmetric_key, H, MUL, SUB: hash_func, Snd, Rcv: channel(dy)) played_by Ui def= local State : nat, IDi, PWi, IDj, N, Ej, Yj: text, Di, Ei, Fi, Ai, Bi, Ci, Ri, M1, M2, M3, M4, M6, Rij, Rj, M5, SKi: message, Inc : hash_func const user_rserver, rserver_aserver, aserver_user, sec1, sec2, sec3, sec4, sec5, sec6: protocol_id init State :=0 transition I.
I should like to correct an unfortunate error that the book review editor introduced into my review of The Other Worlds of Hector Berlioz: Travels with the Orchestra, by Inge Van Rij in Notes 73, no.
When a fuzzy preference relation R=(rij) mxm is complete, one can easily obtain that the fuzzy preference relation R = [([[??].sub.ij]).sub.mxm] is additively consistent, where
(19.) Roberts RL, Wallace MC, Jones GT, van Rij AM, Merriman TR, Harrison A, et al.
This is what is referred to as Orpic Reliability Improvement Journey (RIJ).
Tel est le message a transmettre en organisant cette competition qui regroupera pres de 300 enfants ages entre 7 et 12 ans et issus des clubs de la wilaya d'Alger et autres, a savoir de l'OC Mohammadia, du Rama El Mouradia, des GS Petroliers, du RIJ Alger, de l'ASC Oued-Smar, du NRB Hammamet, du WO Rouiba, du NO Reghaia, de l'OC Alger, du CASA Mohammadia, du W Ain Taya, du NA Hussein-Dey et de l'ES Mouzaia.