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RIKENRikagaku Kenkyusho (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Japan)
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Based on the agreement, Astellas has acquired the rights for the research, development and commercialization of cell therapy formulations applying RIKEN's aAVC technology that targets selected cancer antigens.
"The implication is that accumulating CAPON increases AD-related pathology," says lead author Shoko Hashimoto of RIKEN CBS.
Since 2006, Fujitsu and RIKEN have jointly developed the K computer, aiming to start public service in 2012.
Takashi Tsuji, of the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research, said "We hope that these experiments will soon find their way into the clinic and help patients suffering from a variety of disorders." Citation: Junichi Tanaka et al., Generation of orthotopically functional salivary gland from embryonic stem cells.
Motoaki Seki, team leader, Plant Genomics Network Research, RIKEN Centre for Sustainable Resource Science and Dr.
Motoaki Seki, team leader of Plant Genomics Network Research, RIKEN Centre for Sustainable Resource Science Dr.
Dr Khurram Bashir emphasised on project of mutual understanding between CEMB and Plant Genomics Network Research Team, RIKEN, Japan.
"This means that there is something special about the cell walls of this species of moss that allows them to thrive in environments that are toxic to other plants," RIKEN said.
Using an accelerator at the Riken Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science in Wako, Saitama Prefecture, the scientists will attempt to convert palladium-107 into palladium-106 by irradiating the former with deuteron beams, in what is called the "nuclear transformation" process.
(TOKYO: 8036) and Japanese scientific research institute Riken have jointly developed "MirrorCLEM," a system for simplifying correlative light and electron microscopy which enables the observation of one using both light and scanning electron microscopes, the organisations said.