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Here, as with his discussion of Manuel, Ehrstine considers the political constraints within which von Rile composed his dramas, with a watchful civic magistracy that closely monitored the theocratic order of the city.
Jared Leto, the 31-year-old Panic Room actor, has been seen stepping out with Britney Spears - sparking rumours that the pair were getting it together to rile their exes, Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.
The notion that a highest bidder will soon be able to reside in this lofty perch is certainly enough to rile Community Board members and those who still doubt that their revered Manhattan skyline is, in fact, limned in dollar bills.
E rile a bua kwa phuthegong ya khansele potlana ya Moshupa a bolela fa se, se tsile morago ga gore dipone tse di neng di tsentswe pele di seka tsa dira jaaka go ne go solofetswe.
A lawmaker urged Public Attorney's Office (PAO) and its chief Persida Rueda-Acosta not to 'rile up emotions' of Dengvaxia victims and their families as the government finds ways to address issues hounding the Aquino administration's Dengvaxia program.
"The supporters would have seen it as well and it is naturally going to rile you up after losing in the last minute.
The Swiss are a people who don't rile easily, but Hirschhorn struck a nerve, and his countrymen (many traveling from home) along with Parisians came to the show by the hundreds, traipsing through the cardboard corridors and the onslaught of political broadsides, through the theater, conference room, and cafe, arriving in the photocopy room, where the artist held court every day--friendly, earnest, convinced--openly welcoming their questions.
Cut, to contemporary horror stories of lesbian and gay couples struggling through circumstances related to rile rights of surviving spouses--Mickie Mashburn, widow of fallen lesbian police officer Lois Marrero, and her court petition to receive her partner's benefits; an Oklahoma farmer facing the seizure of the home he shared with his own late partner--and the real face of what's at stake with the fight for same-sex marriage comes into sharp focus, with an emphasis on urgency in the face of unprecedented attacks.
The Rile, five lengths behind Lord Jack here last season, comes into this on the back of a second over two miles.
If anything will rile fellow housemate Mel it is the fact that he's gone and snogged her arch-nemesis, Nasty Nick's replacement Claire Strutton.
But the thought of that going up ought to rile Rep.