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RILESReSource Institute for Low Entropy Systems (Boston, MA)
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Batang Riles was trailing behind Rems in the first half of the game and was only able to pick up their momentum during the last two minutes of the third quarter.
RILES insisted that MRT and LRT fares in the last years have been more than enough to cover for its operation and maintenance, citing the LRT's average fare box ratio of 1.
And that riles Tom Hale, 17, of South Kingstown, Rhode Island.
Shanties along or on railroad tracks had been called homes 'along da riles' (homes along the tracks), after the popular 1990s television comedy series 'Home Along Da Riles,' which starred the late comedian Dolphy.
Good to see international recognition for Accies players but the continued exclusion of Big Brian Easton riles.
POINTLess counters this problem by compressing riles by up to 94 percent so that they can be e-mailed and downloaded faster, while taking up less disk space.