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Effect of PTX Administration on RILF. At 16 weeks after irradiation, micro-CT revealed that PTX ameliorated the fibrotic findings (Figure 2(a)).
In this study, we used micro-CT and histopathological analyses to demonstrate that PTX attenuated RILF and explored possible target molecules involved in its antifibrotic effects.
Irradiation of the lung resulted in increased expression of TGF-[beta]/Smad-3, a pivotal pathway in RILF [24, 26, 27], but no effect of PTX treatment on this pathway was observed.
In conclusion, our results provided the bases to support the concept that PTX alone could provide useful therapeutic strategies to mitigate RILF and these molecular findings suggest that the downregulatory effect of PTX on PAI-1 may be mediated by PKA despite the absence of an observable effect of PTX on TGF-[beta]/Smad in RILF.
(a) Manifestation of RILF in nonirradiated or irradiated rats before irradiation (IR) or until 16 weeks after IR.