RIMBARhode Island Mortgage Bankers Association (Providence, RI)
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With the invaluable assistance of our Iban co-worker, Jantan Umbat, an Iban novelist, scholar and educator, working under the auspices of the Tun Jugah Foundation, we recorded over two weeks in June 2003 a complete version of the Sugi Sakit together with extensive commentary from Renang anak Jabing, the last living priest bard in the Rimbas still able to perform it [and the son of my principal informant, Manang Jabing, during earlier work on Iban shamanism].
The first Dayak formal organization appears to have been the Dayaks Co-operative Society formed by the Paku and Rimbas Iban of the Second Division in 1941.
1967 Gani Balingian Kapit Methodist pastor 1968 Pelima Rimbas Debak trader, Paku 1968 Ensiring Saratok Saratok Rajang TTC 1968 Jarraw Kanowit Kanowit Radio BBC Sarawak 1969 Rajit Saribas St Augustine Anglican priest 1970 Kechendai Paku, Saribas Debak St Augustine Radio Sarawak