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RIMMRambus Inline Memory Module
RIMMRAMBUS In-Line Memory Module
RIMMRecords and Information Management Month
RIMMRaleigh International Mountain Marathon (Hong Kong; est. 1978)
RIMMResearch, Inventory, Monitoring and Management (North Carolina Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation)
RIMMRemovable Interchangeable Media Module
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While limiting your chip portions to six fries might be extreme, Professor Rimm suggests tracking how you feel before and eating chips may lead to changes in your eating habits.
From the Department of Pathology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut (Drs Anagnostou, Syrigos, and Rimm and Mr Lowery);and the Department of Pathology, The Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas (Dr Cagle).
The "Keepin' it Real" section featured Rimm's self-esteem tips, simple ways to eat smart, snacks and recipes, and fitness information.
Marc-Andre Hamelin did not "contribute many corrections" to the Dover Alkan volume, as Rimm claims (p.
Ms Rimm had already offered $40,000 to lay on Thanksgiving dinners, but Sharon persuaded her to up the bid - in exchange for a kiss.
But among people who now drink occasionally, Rimm says, the accumulating evidence of alcohol's potential benefits is "so overwhelming that there are probably many cases where some people should be told to drink a little more."
Professionals worldwide will celebrate Records and Information Management Month (RIMM) during April 2003.
The RIMM 4200 module represents the next milestone in the RDRAM(R) memory roadmap for higher performance computing solutions.
Rimm analyzed existing studies on the effects of alcohol consumption on various biological markers that influence the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Eric Rimm of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston noted in an editorial that Danish wine drinkers reported twice the intake of fruit and vegetables as other drinkers, so chasing one's salad with a pint may not be a bad idea.
"Even though ED affects an estimated 30 million American men, little research has been done about how modifiable lifestyle factors may contribute to the condition," said Eric Rimm, Sc.D., of Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.
Demonstrating continued support for the Rambus memory solutions, Kingston Technology Company, Fountain Valley, Calif., has introduced one of the first families of RIMM modules compatible with the OR840 workstation motherboard unveiled by Intel Corporation.