RIMOWARichard Morszeck Warenzeichen
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With just a click, the luggage information on your mobile app can then be sent via Bluetooth to the suitcase equipped with the RIMOWA Electronic Tag.
Speaking to XPRESS at the launch of the first RIMOWA showroom in Abu Dhabi Mall on October 26, Dieter Morszeck CEO and President RIMOWA said the Electronic Tag is the "future of flying.
Lufthansa is the first airline to integrate the Electronic Tag feature in its app as part of an exclusive arrangement with RIMOWA, said Morszeck, adding talks are underway with other airlines to follow suit.
Finally we can hand back to the world a piece of cultural heritage that has shaped the aviation industry as well as RIMOWA as a company," said Morszeck.
The replica is a joint project between RIMOWA, JU-Air and the Association of the Friends of Historical Aircraft (VFL).
RIMOWA is one of the leading premium brands worldwide for cases made from aluminum and the high-tech material polycarbonate, and it is one of the few manufacturers of travel luggage still producing in Germany.
Upon completion of the transaction, Alexandre Arnault will be appointed co-CEO of RIMOWA.
Founded in Cologne in 1898, luggage and leather goods maker RIMOWA has become one of the quintessential houses for innovative, high-quality luggage over the course of the twentieth century.
The aluminium structure comprising parallel grooves makes the luggage instantly recognisable and has played its part in building the reputation of RIMOWA among a sophisticated international clientele.
This information is sent from their smartphone via Bluetooth to their travel case fitted with the RIMOWA Electronic Tag and shown on the display integrated into the case.
With start of production the RIMOWA Electronic Tag is set to take place in time for the beginning in 2016 through RIMOWA's German stores with the exclusive participation of LUFTHANSA.
The study that emerged from this process, "BAG2GO," resulted in RIMOWA founding a new affiliate of the same name.