RIMPRisk Management Program (usually seen as RMP)
RIMPResearch Institute of Marine Products (Vietnam)
RIMPRectal Internal Mucosal Prolapse (colorectal medicine)
RIMPRight Index of Myocardial Performance (echocardiography)
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The RIMP 2020-24 - which will come into operation on January 1, 2020 and expire on December 31, 2024 - encapsulates the Rottnest Island Authority's approach to managing the Island and its associated waters.
The draft RIMP 2020-24 has been divided into four strategic focus areas:
The single-leg landing measures investigated in the current study can be divided into two categories, including the force-based measures of relative peak force (rPF) and relative impulse (rIMP) and stability-based measure of time to stabilization (TTS).
The majority of research focuses on the stability-based measure of TTS with very few reporting rPF or rIMP. Previous research may have not reported these measures because of the focus on more direct measures of stability; however, absorption and stabilization are equally important aspects of the landing process (Wikstrom et al., 2006).
* Quantitative measured RIMP more than 0.40 using the pulse Doppler method.
Correlation analysis was used to identify the relationship between 6MWD and ECHO-derived parameters (TAPSE, RIMP, and PFT) results.
Similarly, data for real volume of import (RIMP) and external reserves (Extrevs) were obtained from the bulletin in annual form but transformed into quarterly form using the cubic spline approach, while data for real effective exchange rate (REXR) were sourced from the International Financial Statistics, ifs (2011).
Where: [Y.sub.t] = (Roilprice, Rgovexp, RGDP, INF, INT, REXR, RIMP, Extrevs) is an n x 1 vector of seven endogenous variables, and, Roilprice is real oil price, Rgovexp is real government expenditure, RGDP is Real GDP, INF is inflation rate; INT is interest rate; REXR is Real Exchange Rate, RIMP is real volume of import, while [Y.sub.t-1] is the corresponding lag term for order i.
(18) 1n Ptfe - 1n W = - 2.60 + 0.29 1n RIMP - 0.51 1n PROD
Ali Akhtar Hossain (Project Dorector, PDA, RCP(remane as RIMP), LGED Bhaban, Dhaka)
Through the implementation of the RIMP Gulf Savannah Development has been instrumental in attracting private and government investment.
They can create core-shell particles (17) can lead to separated morphologies by RIMPS (18), (19) or can act as homogeneous reinforcement (20), (21).