RIMRRockefeller Institute for Medical Research
RIMRReceive Interrupt Mask Register (telecommunications)
RIMRRugby Is My Religion
RIMRRugby Is My Religion (Waterloo, Australia business)
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WID "An ordinarie Widdow" PIR "A Pirate" PTFGR "A mere Petifogger" QKSLR "A Quacksalver" RIMR "A Rimer" R.
robes" (WD 5.4.116) "gay ones out of their clothes" (DLC 1.1.132) 68 "Bonds with their forfeitures" (D2) "forfeited your bond" (WH 1.2.54) "Bonds be forfeyt" (DM 3.2.205) 69 "brave fellowes" (D2) "brave fellowes" (DM 5.5.75) "a brave fellow" (DM 1.1.154) 70 "many a man" (D2) "many a man" (WH 3.2.56, 3.2.57, 3.3.5) "Many a mans necke" (DLC 5.4.91) 71 "Sattin Kirtles" (D2v) "silke Kirtles" (WH 4.1.115) 72 "our dunghils" (D2v) "a Dung-hill" (CHARS RIMR 7-8) 73 "in a Barne" (D2v) "in a Barne" (CHARS ROG 16) 74 "poore Tenants" (D2v) "poore tenants" (CHARS FRANK 13) 75 "laugh at their owne shadowes" (D2v) "laugh / At mine owne shadow" (DLC 5.4.72-73) Cf.
dunghill dunghils (= dung-hill (DM A favorite dunghill 4.1.76; CHARS word in birds) (D2v) RIMR 8) Webster.