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RINResearch Information Network (UK)
RINRenewable Identification Number (US EPA)
RINResource Identification Number
RINRegional Information Network
RINRadio Italia Network (Italian: Radio Network Italy; broadcaster)
RINRegulatory Information Notice (Australian energy markets)
RINRelative Intensity Noise
RINRNA Integrity Number (software algorithm)
RINRoyal Institute of Navigation (UK)
RINReference Identification Number (various locations)
RINRussian Information Network (Russia)
RINRecord Identification Number
RINRetirement Index Number (various companies)
RINRoyal Indian Navy (WWII)
RINRèglement Intérieur National de la Profession d'Avocat (French: National Internal Regulations of the Legal Profession)
RINRegulatory Identifier Number
RINRenewal Identification Number (vehicle registration)
RINRegistrant Identification Number (Canada)
RINRensselaer Identification Number (student/employee tracking)
RINReport Identification Number
RINRassemblement pour l'Independence Nationale
RINRouting Instruction Note
RINRadiation Information Network (Idaho State University website)
RINRetrofit Incorporation Notice
RINReturn Incident Number
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And yun masaya rin po ako na may mga taong nagpu-push ng love team namin and inaalagaan po kami ng management," she related.
The world is filled with so many souls and each one of us has a catalog of stories to tell," marvels Rin to his teenage accomplices.
RIN launched the anthem on the occasion of International Women's Day and saw #JaiGangaajalRINanthem trending on 2nd position in India.
Two closing questions and answers on the subject of RINs: first, what should you do if you repeatedly are told your samples have poor RIN values?
reported by Reuters), we may presume the RIN purchases of $1.
There are a whole range of different events held in Haad Rin throughout the month, day and night, to keep even the most discerning traveller entertained, from beach-front competitions to exhilarating watersports.
The RIN markets in 2013 have reflected the blend wall reality, with considerably higher RIN prices.
sent EPA a letter March 22 asking the agency about the recent surge in RIN prices, saying the increases were most pronounced on the East and West coasts.
He is thought to have been caught in the crossfire when a fight erupted at Haad Rin Beach.
The newspaper said Mr Ashton was visiting the island with friends and was staying at Pink Bungalow on Haad Rin.
Lobsters for behavioral tests were collected from 2 sample locations in Rhode Island where ESD is prevalent; from the Upper East Passage area inside Narragansett Bay (referred to as the RIN population) or an adjacent 2 x 5-mi area outside the Bay in Rhode Island Sound (the RIS population).
In Booklist, reviewer Donna Seaman wrote, "In her first from scratch investigative book since 'The Orchid Thief' (1999), New Yorker staff writer Orlean incisively chronicles every facet of the never-before-told, surprisingly consequential, and roller coaster-like Rin Tin Tin saga, including the rapid evolution of the film and television industries, the rise of American pet culture, how Americans heeded the military's call and sent their dogs into combat during World War II, and even what the courageous canine meant to her own family.