RINCRecreation Infrastructure Canada
RINCRegional Industrial Networking Conference (Singapore Polytechnic)
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In the Rinc?n study, a telephone survey of 600 Latino adults in North Texas, Wal-Mart jumped from the ninth-most-visited grocer in 2001 to the fourth-most-visited in 2004.
In column (7), an anomalous result is obtained for UNION, and RINC is positive and significant.
In the next step, extract the component of additional tax (ATAX) from ATAXPEN and determine the reported tax (RTAX) as tax due on the reported income (RINC) based on the tax rate schedule and apply the appropriate self-employment tax.
rInc. Ottawa, ON Contact: Randy Way Ph: (613) 231-3858 Multi-media services, iweb site development, computer training.
Beowulf's report is thus the last great hall-scene of the poem." Though offering a perceptive reassessment of the monsters in the poem from an anthropological perspective that complements my own, Ward Parks neglects to discuss Beowulf's own account of the fight with Grendel and, indeed, conflates the poet's first report of Grendel killing the unnamed "slsependne rinc" (741a) with the later announcement by Beowulf that his name is Hondscio ("Prey Tell: How Heroes Perceive Monsters in Beowulf," JEGP 92 [1993]: 1-16, esp.
Ic waes faemne geong, feaxhar cwene, ond aenlic rinc on ane tid; fleah mid fuglum ond on flode swom, deaf under ype dead mid fiscum, ond on foldan stop--haefde fero cwicu.(1)
Edited by Vasileios Argyriou, Jesos Martinez del Rinc n, Barbara Villarini, and Alexis Roche
The funding is being made available through the Recreational Infrastructure Canada Program (RinC) and Recreation Ontario.
Ford near aetstop, nam pa mid handa..rinc on raeste (745); zif paet zeganged paet de gar nimed (1847); penden reafode rinc oderne, nam on Ongendio irenbyrnan (2986).
8, the GRCA received a total of $867,000 in grants, split between the Recreation Infrastructure Canada Program (RInC) and the Ontario Recreation Program (Ontario REC).