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RINDRussell Industries (Houston, TX)
RINDRenagel in New Dialysis (biology)
RINDReversible Ischemic Neurologic Deficit
RINDResearch Institute for Newspaper Development (India)
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Look For: A soft, velvety texture, slight softening at the blossom end, a faint fruit aroma, and a yellowish-white to creamy rind color.
2 Medium, at peak flavor or "en pointe." The cheese is marked by a few light brown patches on the rind and traces of dryness along the edges.
You can make the watermelon pickles up to 2 weeks ahead, using rind from another watermelon.
"Mir Chakar Rind School is a prime example that we are not against education but desperate that children get education", Sardar Rind said.
The PMA alleged that Rind frequently visited the hospital with protocol on the plea that he acted on the public complaints and met patients and inspected sanitary conditions.
Sardar Yar Mohammad Rind assured the Minister of extending his complete support in developing Oil and Gas infrastructure in Balochistan.
The Deputy Speaker admired the role of Yar Mohammad Rind for making Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf an effective and integrated party in Baluchistan.
Unfortunately, public money has been looted in the name of development and prosperity of Balochistan,' said Rind. 'Instead of witnessing prosperity in Balochistan, the deprived people are facing the worst situation ever as they are without basic human rights and facilities, including clean water and healthcare.'
Abdul Rauf Rind was elected from Balochistan's Kech district.
Rind later passed away in the hospital due to severe head injuries, according to amedical report.
The Divisional Bench on Tuesday dismissed the plea petition of PTI leader Sardar Yar Mohammad Rind.
Municipal Committee Raes Abdul Gareem Chotiai, Councilors of Municipal Committee Riaz Ali Rind and Hafeez Ullah Rind.