RINEXReceiver Independent Exchange Format (GPS)
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This network provides GPS observations for post-processing applications in compressed RINEX format with adjustable recording intervals and time periods, and real-time differential corrections for accurate positioning (Paez et al.
A RINEX Compression Format and Tools, in Proceedings of ION GPS-96, September 17-20, 177-183.
A partir de este analisis, se excluyen del ajuste de la red las siguientes sesiones GPS: Estacion BETO, dia 30 de octubre de 2007 (la altura de la antena reportada en la hoja de campo presenta una inconsistencia de aproximadamente 50cm); estacion LCAN, dia 26 de octubre de 2007 (la hoja de campo correspondiente no se encuentra disponible para verificar la altura de la antena); estacion HISH, dia 13 de diciembre (se incluye la hoja de campo en el inventario dei levantamiento, pero el RINEX correspondiente no se encuentra disponible).
Para obtener este parametro se han utilizado archivos RINEX de estaciones GNSS permanentes situadas sobre la region de estudio (Figura 1) de las redes EUREF Permanent NetWork (EPN) e International GNSS Service, IGS.
SmartNet North America, has launched a number of new resources to enhance GNSS performance and assistance, such as additional support resources, online Rover Error Logs, and a RINEX Venture Device.
These observations were then extracted from the respective receivers, converted into RINEX format using the respective manufacturers' conversion systems, and imported to the LGO software system.
Formato de datos GPS: todos los datos GPS deben ser transformados al formato RINEX.
The GNSS observations are recorded in real-time from RTCM streams, but for some missing stations RINEX files are downloaded as soon as they are available.
Una vez obtenidos los datos fueron descargados con LEICA Geo Office para obtener los ficheros RINEX.
iCGRS can be programmed to automatically create sessions as short as 15 minutes using the 10-character RINEX convention.
The first one included the processing of daily RINEX observation files downloaded from a pre-prepared local database.