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The software supports all multi-GNSS observations and navigation data from RINEX 3.XX and 2.XX formats as well as precise ephemeris from the SP3 format.
The latitude, longitude, and elevation (X, Y, and Z) are processed using the GNSS Solution software where the raw data collected from the site are converted to (Rinex) file to be used in any GPS processing software for adjustments.
A RINEX Compression Format and Tools, in Proceedings of ION GPS-96, September 17-20, 177-183.
Swedish technology group Hexagon AB (OMX Stockholm:HEXA B) said on Tuesday (14 October) that it has agreed to acquire the Australian company Rinex Technology for an undisclosed sum.
The pressure, the temperature and the relative humidity values may be taken from the RINEX meteorological files.
A second fix for this problem is to do a "cooked point," which takes at least three hours of data collection in a FastStatic or similar surveying procedure, and send the data files in a receiver independent exchange (RINEX) format to OPUS for correction.
* Conversion of raw data file to RINEX format (conversion modules),
GRAFNAV reads the binary data of the company's TurboRogue and Rascal receivers and most single and dual frequency receivers on the market, as well as the RINEX data format.
These base station files were converted to RINEX format using Dat-Rinx v.