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Although forming alliances is discussed in the DC literature, this does not mean that a systematic discussion of how DC affects firms in network organizations like RINOs has been undertaken.
In this paper, we address RINOs as one such type of organization.
There is variation between RINOs with respect to how well they achieve their aims.
Although several theoretical contributions have been proposed to explain variation between RINOs, or why some succeed better than others, not all of them explore network organizations conforming to our definition of a RINO.
Nonetheless, the Taliban wing of the GOP gleefully sells memberships in what the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, a coalition of state-based right-wing groups, refers to as the "RINO Hunters Club," whose stated goal is to "root out and hunt down RINOs" in order to "prevent liberal Republicans from receiving the GOP nomination to offices throughout the nation." With big-money support from the Club for Growth, as well as floating alliances with anti-abortion and pro-gun groups, RINO hunters have scored a number of recent victories.
For his part, Schwarz, a lifelong Republican who proudly notes that Jackson, a town in his district, claims to be the party's birthplace, hates the term RINO. "That little sobriquet is so baseless and so outrageous," he says.
In the House, the RINO hunters have made it increasingly difficult for moderate Republicans to win nominations for open seats; on the day Schwarz won his Michigan primary, Kansas Republican primary voters rejected a relatively moderate candidate backed by former Senator Dole in favor of a former aide to Attorney General John Ashcroft who attacked his opponent for failing to endorse the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.
Even as Schwarz was talking cooperation, however, the RINO hunters were on the prowl.