RIPITRequirements Interface Process Improvement Team
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"In my opinion, the RIP continues to be an important part of the puzzle in prepress, because it has been one of the main places where new functionality comes about," says Chris VanDuker, product manager at RIPit Systems, Citrus Heights, CA, USA.
Users of RIPit have commented for years that the system really focused on the needs of the narrow web flexographer and that the SmartDie die database was a functionality that many prepress providers have been trying to emulate as they enter this end of the market.
VanDuker offers his insight into how RIPit sees the market being driven and what areas he feels will be most interesting to watch for the near and long term.
VanDuker shapes RIPit's future perspective with an optimistic view: "I think we'll continue to see improvements and refinements on both the software and hardware side, and I'm hopeful that it will continue to drive the flexo market."
Dantex already represents the US organization RIPit, whose OpenRIP and Odessa Power Converter are said to offer a digital proofing option that works with a FlexPose!
RIPit exhibits its new SmartDie feature for the OpenRIP flexo-Label Edition of its workflow automation system.
"While there is a notable growing shift in many art schools, community colleges and universities away from the theoretical toward the practical, an aspiring prepress professional would do well to check the experience of the instructors for the caliber of material taught," says Cary Gilpin, technical support manager for RIPit Computer Corporation in Citrus Heights, CA.
Unfortunately, where we were, Monster was not available, only Red Bull and Ripits (foreign brand) were available for the crew's required daily surge.