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RIPPENReal-Time Interactive Programming and Processing Environment
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Morris and Rippen (2002) recognized the range of meanings inherent to the term e-learning and grid their concept of e-learning in terms of hardware, software, users, and location.
AT AGE FORTY-EIGHT, Chris Rippen, a university lecturer, published his first novel, Sporen (1988; Tracks), and was soon recognized as one of the leading crime writers of Holland.
Romantovskij, dem Gustav mit voller Wucht die Pranke in die Rippen gestossen hat, empfindet einen `unbeschreiblichen' Schmerz (eto bylo soversenno neopisuemo bol'no, S.
"Voila dinners are remarkable because their quality - a result of the new IQF technology - locks in the fresh taste or the meal ingredients," says Donna Rippen, director of marketing for new products at Agrilink Foods Vegetable Co., Green Bay, Wis.
Rippen: Maybe one way to differentiate is that it could be a spectrum.
25 For the Quranic roots of the theory of the khalifa, see Kister, in Rippen 1988, esp.
Sam Watts restored Blyth's lead before Findlay Rippen levelled just before the hour.
Rippen, "Tributyltin in the environment--sources, fate and determination an assessment of present status and research needs," Chemosphere, vol.
Solche in der Asva-Keramik verwendete Rippen entsprechen dem Aufbau der U-Technik, abgeleitet vom umgekehrten Profil der Zapfung.
Accompanied by two guides, Flintshire Coastal Path ranger Karen Rippen and Joanne Graham, they pass through the Greenfield Valley and its industrial heritage to the Dee Estuary, ending their walk at Flint Castle, the first of Edward I's line of fortifications along the Welsh coast.