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RIPSResearch Institute for Peace and Security (Japan)
RIPSRaster Image Processing Systems
RIPSRegulated Intelligent Power Supply
RIPSResearch in Progress Seminars (various schools)
RIPSRecorder Independent Power Supply (aircraft cockpit voice recorders)
RIPSRegional Institute for Population Studies (University of Ghana)
RIPSRunway Incursion Prevention System (airport safety system developed by NASA)
RIPSRaster Image Processing Systems Corporation
RIPSRIKEN Projectile Fragment Separator
RIPSRhode Island Psychiatric Society
RIPSRegistrant Integrated Processing System
RIPSRegulated Intelligent Power Supply (JL Audio)
RIPSRadar Information Processing System
RIPSRadioisotope Power Supply
RIPSRecord of Inadmissible Passenger System
RIPSRecords Information Processing Center
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Xitron Navigator workflow, based on Harlequin RIP and Adobe PDF Print Engine technologies, is a prepress tool with an intuitive user interface for exceptional control and throughput.
3 Put a check mark next to each track you want to rip, then start the process.
By analyzing the differences in the distribution of dark energy, they came to the conclusion that the little rip is the most likely scenario - one that would slowly "unzip" the universe roughly 100 billion years from now.
2 HOOK your thumb behind the board and keep your little finger in contact with the fence to rip boards 6 in.
(Harris also signed agreements to use 5D Solutions' Jaws and Harlequin's ScriptWorks Scalable Open Architecture RIP technologies in MAXWorkFlow.)
The combination of GRADS for arbor design and "optimizing" software for board positioning significantly increases the yield potential of gang rips with fixed position saws.
The KF-24 multiple blade rip saw from Newman*Whitney is a dip chain feed, glue line, accurate gang rip saw available with a variety of arbor motor sizes from 75 to 125 hp.
Xitron's engineering team introduced our first Harlequin-based software RIP in 1 992.
Prepress operations interested in investigating PDF 2.0 compliant RIPs or workflows to replace their existing systems can call the same number or write to
The researchers investigated the rip incident database of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and found that open rips were much more likely to be the cause of a rescue event than closed rips, and they determined that open rips are twice as dangerous as closed rips.
"To get a dense set of observations, we had to know exactly where rips would form and when," Moulton said.