RIRHResearch Institute of Radiation Hygiene (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
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Hence, the PRR size is the same for the cases RICH and CICH (the column filter is always cIcH), while the PRR size is different for the cases RIRH and CIRH (the column filters are rIrH and cIrH, resp.).
Note that we show the case rIrH; the other cases (cIrH, rIcH, cIcH) are generated as in Figure 1.
Mode Largest output format rlrH, rIcH, clrH [NH + B-1 + [[log.sub.2] (N +1)] NH + B- 2] cIcH [NH + B+[[log.sub.2] (N+1)] NH + B-2] Mode REG_LEVELS: I/O delay (in cycles) rIrH, rIcH, cIrH [[log.sub.2] (sizel)] + [[log.sub.2] (M/L)] + 2 cIcH [[log.sub.2] (sizel)] + [[log.sub.2] (M/L)] + 3 TABLE 2: Characteristics of the 2D separable filterbanks.