RIRPReserve Income Replacement Program (National Guard and Reserve)
RIRPRunway Incursion Reduction Program (avionics)
RIRPRecruitment Incentive and Retention Program (New York)
RIRPRebuild Iraq Recruitment Program (Germany)
RIRPRapid Income Recovery Programme (tsunami relief; Sri Lanka)
RIRPRural Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project (World Bank; Washington, DC)
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Indeed, over the course of the RIRP, we have found that one of the critical constraints that prevents organizations from sustaining their breakthrough innovation capability is talent management.
Another problematic mechanism in the LAPD's OIS policy is that the initial discussions between RHD investigators and the involved officers are not documented in any way; no recordings or even notes are made of these "pre-interview walk-throughs." The potential for error or blatant misconduct is obvious enough, as the RIRP acknowledges in its lengthy criticism of this area of LAPD policy (see p.
All in all, the RIRP refutes the LAPD's framing of the scandal's cause as the bad character of a few individuals who slipped through the screening process, and instead frames the scandal as the result of a long list of organizational problems.
Both the LAPD Board of Inquiry Report and the RIRP succeed in identifying important causal factors related to Rampart.
Investigators and commentators have focused mostly on the character of a few individuals at the heart of the scandal, although the RIRP and some law professors have discussed the LAPD's organizational problems as well.
According to the RIRP draft plan presented to utility managers on Dec.
Strandberg, RIRP manager and AENs program manager for the GRETC thrust, estimated RIRP's cumulative capital needs over the next 50 years at $8 billion to $12 billion.
To address the capital shortfall, RIRP supporters say, would require highly effective public-private partnerships of State and utility entities cooperating in pursuit of common interests.