RISATRadar Imaging Satellite (search and rescue)
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In this study, RISAT -1 datasets were acquired with HH, HV polarization in a CRS mode with a standard Geo-referenced product.
During a short and urgent call to the DRDO, Indian Chief of Intelligence orders the space agency to task both RISAT 1 and RISAT 2 over areas of interest.
The Cultural Fair was inaugurated by the Canadian Counsellor Political and Trade, Denis Chouinard, and Deputy Head of Mission and Consul Embassy of Belgium, Eva Verstraelen while Director General (DG) Brig Azam Jamal, Director Planning and Coordination Brig A(r) Dr Risat Ali were also present at the event.
CARTOSAT AND RISAT satellites of ISRO are also taking images of the area.
"The rocket will take RISAT 2 BR 1 satellite into space.
According to Sivan, the Cartosat and Risat satellites will also be launched in the coming months.
Besides, existing satellites like the INSAT series, Oceansat- 2 and RISAT will also contribute to weather monitoring and disaster preparedness and response.
The satellites of RISAT series are said to be designed in a way to keep a check on border infiltration.
Tenders are invited for Space ver d sub connectors and accessories risat 1b
Tenders are invited for Annual Maintenance of Two sets of 2 x 40 kVA AROS UPS System for 2 years in RISAT Building at SAC, Ahmedabad - (During 2018 2020).
Tenders are invited for Supply Installation Testing and Commissioning of MCCBs & related works in RSA, MRS, CSL, TV Studio & RISAT substation in SAC Campus, Ahmedabad.