RISAT-2Radar Imaging Satellite 2 (India)
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PSLV Successfully Launches RISAT-2 and ANUSAT Satellites.
New Delhi's acquisition of Risat-2 was fast-tracked after the coordinated attacks on Mumbai by 10 Islamist gunmen in November 2008.
Risat-2 gave New Delhi vital surveillance capabilities to guard against further attacks by jihadist raiders.
Islamabad, Apr.21 (ANI): With India launching its first spy satellite, RISAT-2, to keep an eye on all activities along Pakistan border, experts believe that Pakistan too would initiate a programme to counter the Indian move.
The 300-kilogram spy satellite, Radar Imaging Satellite (RISAT-2), was acquired by India from Israel recently.
The RISAT-2 is a dedicated all-weather surveillance tool to take images of earth and would also help in mapping and managing natural disasters, such as floods and landslides.