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RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer
RISCReduced Instruction Set Computing
RISCResearch Institute for Symbolic Computation (Linz, Austria)
RISCRNA Induced Silencing Complex (ribonucleoprotein complex involved in mRNA degradation)
RISCReduced Instruction Set Code
RISCRegional Interagency Steering Committee (FEMA/Federal Response Plan)
RISCRegulatory Information Service Center (OMB)
RISCRisk Information Support Center
RISCResponsible Internet Service Companies
RISCRisk Information Sharing Consortium (National League of Cities)
RISCRadiology Information System Consortium
RISCResearch Group on Instability in Coronary Artery Disease
RISCRegional Intelligence Support Center
RISCReduced Instruction Set Class
RISCRisk Institute for the Support of Communication
RISCRepository for Individuals of Special Concern (US FBI)
RISCRural Industries Service Centre (India)
RISCRunway Incursion Severity Classification (ICAO)
RISCRestraint Information System Collection (Pennsylvania Department of Education)
RISCRaffles Institution Science Club (Raffles Institution; Singapore)
RISCRhode Island Striper Club
RISCRhode Island Supreme Court (judiciary)
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Based on research originally done at Stanford University, this RISC processor requires special compiler software to speed it up.
develops RISC CPU cores, the SuperHyway Bus on-chip interconnect and software development tools.
Founded in 2002, SoftRISC develops the first commercially deployed communication solutions on a RISC platform that are traditionally implemented on a DSP chip.
36% believe that virtualized x86 boxes will be the dominant platform being deployed in 2010, while only 3% believed virtualized RISC boxes would be dominant.
SpectraWorks brings compelling new user interface options and many value-added features to the leading edge silicon capabilities of the TX49 RISC CPU core based ASSPs," said Shardul Kazi, vice president of the Embedded Processor SoC Business Unit at TAEC.
For further information on RISC Bermuda's services and capabilities please contact:
According to Patriot Scientific, the hybrid architecture of the IGNITE(TM) 2FX combines the inherent advantages of RISC and stack architectures to yield a processor that combines affordability, a low gate count, and power efficiency with performance standards equal to or better than many conventional processors.