RISCSReliable Information Systems and Cyber Security Center (Boston Univeristy; Massachusetts)
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In a RISC machine, a small set of built-in instructions allows plenty of extra room on a chip for temporarily storing data close at hand rather than on separate memory chips.
of Palo Alto, Calif., is making one of the largest corporate commitments to RISC architectures.
Based on research originally done at Stanford University, this RISC processor requires special compiler software to speed it up.
Patterson, one of the earliest advocates of a simple approach to computer architecture, and his group at the University of California at Berkeley have in the last three years designed and fabricated three experimental RISC chips that, according to a variety of tests, really do run faster than more sophisticated computers.
FAR Ltd commissioned RISC Operations Pty Ltd (RISC) to update an Independent Resources Report for FARs SNE oil field offshore Senegal following the drilling of two successful appraisal wells SNE-2 and SNE-3.
RISC reviewed and modified a probabilistic resource evaluation carried out by FAR in accordance with industry standard SPE-PRMS definitions.
FAR has requested RISC to update its independent assessment of SNE contingent resources following results from each of the wells in the ongoing SNE appraisal progam.