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RISEResearch in Special Education
RISEReinforced Impact Safety Evolution
RISERegional Initiative in Science and Education (Princeton, NJ)
RISERedefining Investment Strategy Education (University of Dayton)
RISEResponsive Instruction for Success in English
RISEResponse-Inducing Sustainability Evaluation (Swiss College of Agriculture)
RISEReal Impact Sports Entertainment (Japan)
RISEResearch Institute in Software Evolution (U of Durham, UK)
RISERural Initiative for Social Equality (Canada)
RISEReaching Independence Through Self Employment (Maryland)
RISERespect, Integrity, Service, Excellence
RISERewards and Incentives for School Educators
RISEReadiness Improvement Status Evaluation
RISEResearch and Innovation to Support Empowerment Center (Norfolk State University)
RISEResearch Institute for Safety Engineering (Japan)
RISERacist Indecent, Sexist or Extremist (US military offensive tattoo policy)
RISEReferral Information and Support Services for the Elderly
RISEResearch Assistantships in Science and Engineering
RISEReaching Independence Through Support and Education
RISEReadiness Improvement through Systems Engineering
RISEReliability Improvement Selected Equipment program (US Army)
RISERössing Foundation Rural People's Institute for Social Empowerment
RISEResearch Institute of Science and Engineering (Japan)
RISERelax, Insulate, Scan, Empathize (leader effectiveness)
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SPI inflation on YoY rose by 1.8 percent in September 2016 as against to a rise of 2.2 percent a month earlier and decline of 1.3 percent in September 2015.
The rise in energy prices creates a new problem for economic policymakers because the capacity constraints cannot be easily addressed over the next four years.
But residential construction will slow in 2006 as interest rates gradually rise. Aider a modest increase in 2005 to just under 2 million units, housing starts will drop 6% to 8% in 2006.
Melting glaciers account for most of the residual rise in sea level, Trenberth says.
* As temperatures rise on Earth, wildlife--such as bird species--might have to relocate to cooler locations found closer to the poles.
The obesity crisis in the United States, which has long been known to rack up health-care costs, has caused a sharp rise in disability rates over the past two decades as Americans have become obese at younger ages.
Shareholders could simply hold for a split, then wait several months for the shares to rise, then sell a few for a quick profit.
Blackburn2001-2002 pounds 485 2002-2003 pounds 485* Price rise 0% Bolton2001-2002 pounds 343 2002-2003 pounds 370* Price rise 7.8%
The capitalization of those higher expected returns boosted equity prices, contributing to a substantial pickup in household spending on new homes, durable goods, and other types of consumption generally, beyond even that implied by the enhanced rise in real incomes.