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RISEResearch in Special Education
RISEReinforced Impact Safety Evolution
RISERegional Initiative in Science and Education (Princeton, NJ)
RISERedefining Investment Strategy Education (University of Dayton)
RISEResponsive Instruction for Success in English
RISEResponse-Inducing Sustainability Evaluation (Swiss College of Agriculture)
RISEReal Impact Sports Entertainment (Japan)
RISEResearch Institute in Software Evolution (U of Durham, UK)
RISERural Initiative for Social Equality (Canada)
RISEReaching Independence Through Self Employment (Maryland)
RISERespect, Integrity, Service, Excellence
RISERewards and Incentives for School Educators
RISEReadiness Improvement Status Evaluation
RISEResearch Institute for Safety Engineering (Japan)
RISEResearch and Innovation to Support Empowerment Center (Norfolk State University)
RISERacist Indecent, Sexist or Extremist (US military offensive tattoo policy)
RISEReferral Information and Support Services for the Elderly
RISEReaching Independence Through Support and Education
RISEResearch Assistantships in Science and Engineering
RISEReadiness Improvement through Systems Engineering
RISEReliability Improvement Selected Equipment program (US Army)
RISERelax, Insulate, Scan, Empathize (leader effectiveness)
RISERössing Foundation Rural People's Institute for Social Empowerment
RISEResearch Institute of Science and Engineering (Japan)
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The current population dynamics suggests that the drop in the number of children will more than offset the rise in the number of retirees.
As I pointed out earlier, demand has been depressed by the rise in energy prices as well as by the needed slowing in the pace of accumulation of business capital and consumer durable assets.
According to Meier, the information available in 1985 led his committee to predict that sea levels would rise about 1 meter with a 3[degrees]C increase in global average temperature.
During this period, which includes the Civil War and the rise in prices that almost always follows wars, the inflation rate fell.
Consumer price inflation picked up slightly in July and August from a slow rate of increase in each of the previous four months; reduced but still appreciable increases in food prices contributed to the larger advance in both months, and a sizable rise in energy prices lifted the index in August.
A new NRC report released in September explores the engineering implications of such a rise.
Housing construction and other interest-sensitive activity should be restrained to some degree by the rise in long-term interest rates over the past several months.
Most of their forecasts for the rise in the consumer price index are close to 3 percent, although the full range of forecasts extends from a low of 2 1/4 percent to a high of 4 percent.
Among consumer durable goods, the output of automotive products declined about 1/2 percent and was 8 1/2 percent below its April level; the output of other durable consumer goods fell 1 percent as the production of appliances lost much of its July rise.