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RISERRegistry Information Service on European Residents (EU)
RISERResearch Institute on Secondary Education Reform (US DOE; Office of Special Education Programs)
RISERResource Information System Engineer, Reserve
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His brothers, of course, were early risers, but he should anticipate them by at least an hour and a half, and the little room which he had to himself as only an occasional visitor, had its window over the horse-block, so that he could slip out through the window without the least difficulty.
THE STOUT YEOMEN of Sherwood Forest were ever early risers of a morn, more especially when the summertime had come, for then in the freshness of the dawn the dew was always the brightest, and the song of the small birds the sweetest.
Many of them are not early risers at the brightest of times, being birds of night who roost when the sun is high and are wide awake and keen for prey when the stars shine out.
In town the earliest risers were just beginning to look sleepily from their windows as we drove through the streets of the Surrey side.
These contracts recognise Scana's fast track delivery capabilities utilising Scana Steel Bjorneborg riser forgings and Scana Steel Soderfors connector material capabilities all managed to the market from Scana Subsea AB," the company stated.
The uniform distribution of solids along the riser is of importance in the successful design of riser reactors.
While most riser cards simply provide a mechanical repositioning of an existing I/O slot to allow an add-in card to be mounted parallel to the system board, what do you do if you need to connect a function that is not available in a card with a PCIe interface?
Even though a deepwater riser is a steel pipe, it's like spaghetti," Alien said.
In May of 2002, The Durst Organization, owners of 4 Times Square, asked Riser to assess their existing 132-foot FM tower (originally designed by Riser) and determine an approach to accommodate up to 20 TV and 18 FM stations.
The truss beam serves to stiffen the riser, allowing the grip section to be thinner without losing strength.
Riser is very early, usually heading 1 to 2 d earlier than Don and 1/2 to 1 d earlier than Dane.
The wedding was supposed to take place last Saturday at Plymouth Registry Office but instead Mr Riser killed himself in a flat in Seattle.