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RISKRapid Integrated Survival Kombat (police defensive tactics system)
RISKReciprocity, Interdependency, Sharing and Keeping (networking)
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'And where may the risk be, Mr Squeers?' said Ralph.
"It is of Mimi that I think--for her sake that I am willing to risk whatever is to be risked."
Remember that there are some risks which are not worth while."
"If I can find Miss Jethro," he answered, "I'll risk it before the day is out."
It's a pleasant illusion, but if you're thinking of the risks of marriage, it seems to me that the risk of marrying a person you're in love with is something colossal."
It went to all our hearts, I think, to leave them in that wretched state; but we could not risk another mutiny; and to take them home for the gibbet would have been a cruel sort of kindness.
It may be easily discerned also that the national government would run a much greater risk from a power in the State legislatures over the elections of its House of Representatives, than from their power of appointing the members of its Senate.
They may know me here - you see what I have risked. And I don't care.
Brave, rash, and enterprising, this was not the first time he had risked his life in such attempts.
Besides," he added, his queer, gaunt face shining with delight, "there's a sportin' risk in every mile of it.
It's illegal, but it's illegality in a good cause; that's the risk, and my client is prepared to pay for it.
But my fears for Magdalen do not begin and end with the risk she is running at present.