RISMRépertoire International des Sources Musicales (International Inventory of Musical Sources)
RISMResearch Institute for Scientific Measurements (Tohoku University; Sendai, Japan)
RISMResearch Institute of Special Machinery
RISMReduced Instruction Set Model
RISMReference Interaction Site Method (physical chemistry)
RISMRat Intestinal Smooth Muscle Cells (physiology)
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Manuscript records with encoded musical incipits will be loaded into RISM (Repertoire international des sources musicales).
For the first time, RISM has full control over a cataloging program that continues to be further developed and improved.
The explanation proportion of 90% in the dependent variable (CEW) was estimated for CSH, UNR, ARH(1), TOEPH, and UN as an outcome of adding covariates, which was prominently higher than the RISM without adding covariates.
The core of Petr Danek's book is thus the catalogue of printed music sources preserved in Bohemia, with reference to the RISM and stating of the Czech institutions which maintain the particular prints.
Keywords: Music information retrieval, RISM, ground truth, Filtering
He has sought to identify the rather sketchy titles given in the original list with publications known today, supplying dates and RISM numbers wherever he can.
Access is available to all RISM contributors free of charge.
A Protocol between the Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico (ICCU), IAML-Italia and RISM has been signed.
The CD-ROM data for series A/I (Einzeldrucke vor 1800/Individual Prints before 1800) were transferred to the RISM database and will be published in the RISM online catalog in early 2015.
The original manuscripts are held by private institutions, the Archivio Doria Pamphilj and the Biblioteca private dei Principi Massimo; the scores from the latter institution have been catalogued in the RISM OPAC (https://opac.
Klaus Keil, Director of the RISM Zentralredaktion, presented the following report: "Report at the GA in Rome 2016.