RISMRoyal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia
RISMRépertoire International des Sources Musicales (International Inventory of Musical Sources)
RISMResearch Institute for Scientific Measurements (Tohoku University; Sendai, Japan)
RISMReduced Instruction Set Model
RISMResearch Institute of Special Machinery
RISMReference Interaction Site Method (physical chemistry)
RISMRat Intestinal Smooth Muscle Cells (physiology)
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RISM will also launch its latest Standard Method of Measurement by the end of the year, he said.
The one big issue with volume 8 concerns its assessment of a manuscript score for the Chor-Music in the Christian-Weise-Bibliothek, Zittau (RISM ID 110.: 201003066; www.rism.info [accessed 18 May 2017]).
The explanation proportion of 90% in the dependent variable (CEW) was estimated for CSH, UNR, ARH(1), TOEPH, and UN as an outcome of adding covariates, which was prominently higher than the RISM without adding covariates.
The core of Petr Danek's book is thus the catalogue of printed music sources preserved in Bohemia, with reference to the RISM and stating of the Czech institutions which maintain the particular prints.
Cohesion criteria results of variance-covariance structures which were obtained from RISM model are given in Table 1 and parameter estimates regarding fixed effects in Table 2.
Keywords: Music information retrieval, RISM, ground truth, Filtering
After World War II,ex-servicemen who experienced continuous front- line action for the full six years generally wanted nothing more to do with milita- rism. Joining veteran associations would have been unthinkable .
Tyler has uncovered almost two dozen more manuscript sources from 1600-1750 than were previously known from Wolfgang Boetticher's Handschriftlich uberlieferte Lauten- und Gitarrentabulaturen of 1978 (RISM B/VII), and provides much detailed information on the printed sources in a series of tables at the end of chapters 6-10.
Christopher Hosgood, in his article on lower-middle-class consume rism and sales, disputes the idea that consumerism acted as a vital conservative force and suggests that the semi-annual sales were subversive, turning the world upside down by providing an unrivalled opportunity for social mingling and allowing shoppers actually to touch the merchandise.
* In the 1990s, Cuba has relied on tou rism with some success to fill its coffers with dollars and has formed joint ventures with several Spanish and Canadian companies.