RISRRegional Inside Sales Representative (various companies)
RISRRapid Impactor Sample Return (Mars mission)
RISRPort of Rotterdam Internet Security Recommendations (Netherlands)
RISRRhode Island Street Racing
RISRRemote Interrupt Service Routine
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6 show the effects of different components, in which L1 denotes the original L1 tracker [21], ISR denotes the tracking method based on inverse sparse representation process without using the fragment scheme, FISR is the fragment-based ISR tracker, and RISR indicates the final tracking method that combines the inverse sparse representation, fragment scheme and adaptive weight scheme within a unified framework.
Announcement of competition: The contract is complete floodlight facility for the new artificial turf at Kjempestein Myra in Risr.
File reference number attributed by the contracting authority: Risr kommune
Scope of quantity or scope: The contract work on the establishment of the toilet building and option power poles, the motor home parks Inga on Tjenna, Risr.
Announcement of competition: Los 109 is built at Lindstl Shipyards, Risr in 1999.
Announcement of competition: Risr to build new pressure booster station at Siri Route.