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RISSRegional Information Sharing System
RISSReference Information Storage System (HP)
RISSRhode Island Soft Systems (software company)
RISSRegular Insulin Sliding Scale (diabetes management)
RISSReal-Time IR/EO Scene Simulator
RISSRobotic International Summer School (est. 2010)
RISSRevised Injury Severity Score
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Riss Hoffman said in response to that: "I have utmost respect for women and feel terrible that anything I might have done could've put her in an uncomfortable situation.
His heat nine win was exceptional as I felt Riss maybe took him a little too wide but he was very brave and just kept going.
However, with Theo Pijper making the most of a good gate in heat eight, his win over Morris and Davey's third over Bowtell brought the scores level again at 24-24 - Robson and Lindgren taking up the mantle in the ninth against Riss and Pickering.
Riss and top man Ricky Wells took a 5-1 in the final race to make the scoreline closer, but the Diamonds deserved their victory in the same way Edinburgh deserved the consolation point.
Riss promises to rehabilitate Nathaniel Hawthorne and Harriet Beecher Stowe as 'two of the most powerful anti-slavery liberals in the antebellum period'(p.
While some have seen The Marble Faun as exemplifying Hawthorne's refusal to engage in politics, Riss claims that it engaged deliberately in the critical battle over whether liberal "personhood" ought to include slaves.
Se identifican distintas formas de integracion de las RISS (20, 21): integraciones verticales u horizontales, segun agrupen servicios a lo largo del continuo asistencial o en el mismo nivel de atencion (por ejemplo, los sistemas multihospitalarios) con produccion interna, de los servicios que ofrece, total o parcial, si algunos son subcontratados fuera de la red; integraciones virtuales o reales en la propiedad, segun la forma de relacion entre las organizaciones que constituyen la red.
RISS is composed of six regional centers that share intelligence and coordinate efforts against criminal networks that operate in many locations across jurisdictional lines.
An added benefit of RISS is its pre-integration with partner technologies, facilitating archiving and quick recovery of different types of information, including e-mail.
Robert Bellarmine School in Burbank, Jessica Prinslow of Monte Vista Middle School in Camarillo, Ada Rauch of Castaic Elementary School, Veronica Riss of St.
The draft Directive has two linked aims, namely to drive the development of the RISs and to guarantee interoperability (so far, various systems have been developed independently in different Member States).
Jonathan Leah, Uwe Frohmader, Christophe Egret, Sonla Hibbs, Andy McFee, Neil Pusey, Sabina Riss, Shaun Russell, Max Titchmarsh