RITDRolling in the Deep (song)
RITDReuters InterTrade Direct
RITDResonant Interband Tunneling Diode
RITDRumble in the Desert
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Berger discovered that RITD dopants could be added during chemical vapor deposition, in which a gas carries the chemical elements to the surface of a wafer many layers at a time.
RITDs have been difficult to manufacture because they contain dopants - chemical elements - that don't easily fit within a silicon crystal.
Ritd is the return of index i on day t for event d, and [bar.Ri3] equals the mean return of index i for non-event days.
[bar.ARit] = 1/n ([n.summation over (d=1)] A Ritd), (t = + 1,...,+60).