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RIVRiverside (Amtrak station code; Riverside, CA)
RIVRegistrar of Imported Vehicles (Transport Canada; also seen as RVI)
RIVRiviera Holdings Corporation (stock symbol)
RIVRapid Intervention Vehicle(s)
RIVRallye International du Valais (French: International Rally of Valais; Switzerland)
RIVRecirculation Isolation Valve
RIVRadio Interference Voltage
RIVRich Interactive Video
RIVRecreation Integration Victoria (Canada)
RIVRijks Instituut voor de Volksgezondheid (Dutch: National Institute for Health; now Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu)
RIVRadio Science IF-to-VF Downconverter
RIVRégie Immobiliére de Vienne (French: Real Estate Board of Vienna; Austria)
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The main idea in creating RIV was developed from a previous project where maps of the microclimate and the soils in the region had been gathered (the "terroir-project," Pythoud and Caloz 2001).
The aim of this work is to perform an empirical test the work of Ohlson and Lopes (2007) in Brazil, using the parameterized version of the AEG model proposed by those authors, and to compare the performance of the RIV, AEG and FCF models by means of the [R.
To introduce accounting data as a valuation attribute, Financial Statement Analysis text-books generally introduce the so-called Residual Income Valuation, or RIV, formula:
Each truck is tailored to address the very specific needs of each user," explains Michael J Kiefer, Vice President Administration of Walter Truck International, the exclusive export marketing agent for KME's line of ARFF and RIV vehicles.
In addition, I would like to point out the association between RIV and the F-test, so that readers will not be confused as Averill fears.
Rivard Trenching USA's newest model RIV 502TR 250, 28 Ton, rock-saw wheel trencher is the most powerful and efficient machine in its class.
Parameters of ARX model were identified by RLS, RIV and ERIV methods, RELS and RPEM methods were used to parameter estimation of ARMAX model and parameters of OE model were estimated by RPEM method.
Although scuppered on this occasion, the Unimog RIV is a genuine all-terrain performer.
Police said, car number MNT 7400 and RIV 6164 were on their way from Islamabad to Peshawar when they collided due to over speeding as a result, Nosheen and Hasna died on the spot while other persons include Azra, Nawaz.
The RIV 500 TR 250 is the most powerful and efficient machine in its class.