RIVRONRiverine Squadron (US DoD)
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RIVRON 1's mission in Iraq is to train Iraqis to provide their own maritime patrol element and to prevent smugglers and violent extremist networks from moving dangerous materials throughout the country's waterways.
You always look forward to deployment because you get to go do what you train to do," said Engineman 1st Class (EXW) Stacy Burleson, who has been on each of the deployments with RIVRON 1.
After RIVRON 3 completes several months of specialized training on
RIVRON 3's 230 Sailors are a part of the Navy Riverine Force, which together are charged with the mission of conducting 24/7 operations in all weather conditions to protect legitimate commerce and transit as well as protect the lines of communication in the riverine environment.
All of this is a wonderful opportunity for us to work closely together; we all consider each other brothers," said Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class(SS) Dan Adly, a plankowner of RIVRON 2.
RIVRON 2 is currently staffed with a total of more than 200 Sailors, and can be deployed anywhere in the world to protect U.
Security Force (MESF) squadrons and three active RIVRONs down to
The house is in the sought-after "Lake Roads" of Muswell Hill and the Rivrons paid pounds 230,000 for it - pounds 40,000 more than their budget.