RIWARhode Island Wrestling Association
RIWAResearch in the Workplace Award (biennial grant; UK)
RIWAReview of Illegal Workers in Australia
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Researchers at RIWA are conducting a study to determine the crash modification factor (CMF) of Safety Edge[TM], a sloped, 30-degree pavement edge designed to minimize dropoff-related crashes by making it easier for drivers to safely reenter the roadway after inadvertently driving off the pavement.
com* Rhine - Meuse : Annual report 1998 : Published by RIWA (the International Association of River Waterworks), this report reviews the environmental state of the Rhine-Meuse basin: water quality (pollution, salinity etc), the ecological condition of rivers, the work of international management committees for the double basin, and Community Directives, etc.
Concept for data migration and digitization of all affected assets (source system RIWA GIS -> SAP PM);