RIWSRhode Island Watercolor Society (Pawtucket, RI)
RIWSRunway Incursion Warning System (aviation)
RIWSRacal Instruments Wireless Solutions (now Aeroflex; UK)
RIWSRockford Industrial Welding Supply (various locations)
RIWSRhode Island Wellness Society
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Quantity is measured as the number of discharges from acute care beds, weighed by the resource intensity weight (RIW) developed by CIHI, where each patient receives an RIW by the CMG+ methodology that groups patients by diagnoses and relative resource use and adjusts for the presence of comorbidities and interventions (CIHI 2017).
There were variations across peer groups in terms of total weighted RIW, HSMR and hospital expenditure on acute inpatient care (Table 1).
The OpsBOSS RIWS system is part of the companies AirBOSS suite of products.
It is apparent that the nursing per diem costing allocation model results in a 23.0 percent overestimation of the cost weight for CMG[TM] 114--sore throat (MNRH) (1), whose CIHI cost weight (RIW) is 0.3500.
One can also calculate, as a specific example, the compression of CIHI RIW cost weights between CMG[TM] 772 and CMG[TM] 783 (=22.8 percent) or CMG[TM] 772 and CMG[TM] 766 (=60.1 percent).
We examine the RI width (RIW) estimators because they are insensitive to instrumental, additive bias (although not for proportional bias).
The RIW is the (positive) difference between these two values.
For example, CMG 625 (typical infants weighing less than 750 grams at birth with an average length of stay of 104.8 days) are assigned a resource intensity weight (RIW) of 24.0532 (Canadian Institute for Health Information, 1995) and a funding potential of approximately $73,000.
First, the RIWs (CIHI2004) used to calculate per patient hospital costs represent a relative value measuring total patient resource use in relation to an average typical acute care inpatient.
A new patient cost was then assigned on the date of discharge, based on the RIW and cost per weighted case associated with that episode of care.
Given the RIWs and the CMGs, HMRI then calculated two measures of performance for each hospital.