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RIfIResearch Institute for Industry (UK)
RIfIManagement for Responsible Inland Fisheries (FAO)
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Rifi had been expected to announce his candidacy this week.
Rifi's father, brother and four of his cousins were killed in the same attack he was injured in after their house in Tuffah neighborhood of Gaza City was bombed by Israeli warplanes.
The two controversial men were tough, seasoned, and tied to foreign powers, with Al Sayyed being an ally of Iran and Rifi to Saudi Arabia.
Rifi, who comes from Tripoli, has heaped criticism on Hariri, son of the assassinated statesman Rafik al-Hariri, for nominating a Hezbollah ally to fill the vacant presidency. Speaking at a televised news conference Monday, Rifi said Hariri's decision to back Maronite Christian politician Suleiman Franjieh for that post was unacceptable to his constituents in northern Lebanon.
RIFI is now accepting applications and granting scholarships for the seminar.
In his report to the committee, Rifi said, according to AN NAHAR, "The ambassador failed to mention anything about the abduction of four brothers of the Al-Jassem family" whose disappearance was circumstantially similar to that of Aysami, the paper said.
Meanwhile, Suleiman's demand for legal action against Rifi is still reverberating, causing a further split in the Christian heartland where Aoun's FPM and Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea are vying for influence.
Rifi's withdrawal comes as the city faces a chronic economic malaise.
Rifi revealed that the NSW police commissioner had called him before sending officers to his home to check on security.
Future Movement MP, Ahmed Fatfat, said that Baroud's move against Rifi was as a result of Baroud's inability to defend the ISF, adding that his measures were "politically motivated" AN NAHAR reported online Sunday.
The head of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF), Major General Ashraf Rifi says drug trafficking in Lebanon will no longer be tolerated and announced that there will be soon be a severe clamp down by security forces.
Summary: Akkar MP and former electoral candidate Khaled Daher Thursday criticized former Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi, who is heading an electoral list in Akkar, of "not investing in the people and their interests."