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RJ11Registered Jack Function 11 (2-wire dial tone on 4 pin telephone jack at the customer site; also seen as RJ-11)
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Cuando el robot se encuentra en modo de programacion, el conector RJ11 de uno de los costados es usado para la descarga del programa.
Zero and span is done with two front-panel potentiometers, and configuration via the RS232 RJ11 port under the display.
You simply connect the phone wire to one of its ports and the handset cord to the other RJ11 port.
The IPVP6446 comes complete with built-in keypad, speaker, microphone, camera and VGA TFT LCD display complete with Ethernet interface with built-in Ethernet switch, wireless LAN, USB, IrDA and RJ11 interface.
The microprocessor-controlled CTC037 Equilibrion[R] Ionizer Controller maintains the balance of an ionizer within [+ or -]1 V and integrates seamlessly with most single- or multiple-fan DC ionizers equipped with a BNC or RJ11 control jack.
The Equilibrion model CTC037 maintains the balance of an ionizer within [+ or -]1V or better, even in the presence of static charges, and integrates with almost all available one- or multiplefan DC ionizers equipped with a BNC or RJ11 control jack.
Included in the device is an RJ11 connection for the ADSL line and an integrated 10/100 MB/s Ethernet four port switch so that a LAN can be set up.
A 10/100 Ethernet port with an RJ45 connector and an RS-232 serial port with an RJ11 connector are located on the front panel for easy access.
Contained in a weatherproof, lockable exterior box, the unit is equipped with a DOCSIS cable modem, 10/100BaseT connectors for Ethernet, RJ11 for HPNA, and RJ11 for telephony, and supports up to four toll-quality voice lines.
The Slimline 3270 Coax Balun functions with RJ11 Coax Balun P/Ns B-1134 and B-1143; and RJ45 Coax Balun P/Ns B-4554 and B-4512.
However, the SkySensor's RJ11 phone jack is wired for Vixen's own CCD autoguider, a device I've never seen in North America.
"You'll hear things about RJ11 and RJ45 ports and high-speed connections and big pipe lines.