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The board, at its meeting in Hollywood, sided with the RJAC's minority position that while judges have the authority now to grant continuances, more specific guidance regarding parental leave is needed.
This year, the RJAC which consists of 45 committee members--including liaisons from the Board of Governors, the Clerks Association, and all the various rules committees--was divided into six standing committees and six ad hoc committees.
The RJAC has the singular responsibility to act as the "rules coordinating committee" under Rule 2.140(a)(6) among the other rules committees for rules of general or common application.
If you would like to suggest an amendment or share a personal example either in support or in opposition to this proposed rule, you may submit it to Krys Godwin, director of Legal Publications and staff liaison to RJAC, at kgodwin@ftoridabar.org.
The court has set a June 1 date for the RJAC to file its report.
This year, the RJAC met as a full committee in January, June, and September 2013, although most of the committee's work is conducted between meetings by its subcommittees whose members have devoted countless hours in telephonic meetings considering and drafting proposed rule amendments.
The parental leave rule had its genesis in a report from a RJAC subcommittee that presented both a mandatory and discretionary version of the rule at a January 2016 committee meeting.
After the committee extensively discussed the issue, Chair Judson Cohen also appointed a special committee to work with the Bar panel and to suggest a response for the RJAC to send to the court.
The proposed rule amendment enhanced reporting requirements and the exchange of information between procedural rule committees and also charged the RJAC with preparing recommendations to deal with any conflicts or inconsistencies it found and making a formal response to other committee's amendments when those amendments are considered by the Bar Board of Governors.
The FCTC's recommendation of Rule of Judicial Administration 2.515 now goes to the RJAC, which is working on the judicial signature amendment.