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RJERemote Job Entry
RJERAND Journal of Economics (Santa Monica, CA)
RJERéseau Judiciaire Européen (French: European Judicial Network)
RJERevue Juridique de l'Environnement (French: Environmental Law Review)
RJEReform Jewish Educator (Reform Jewish Educator Title Granting Commission)
RJER. Jelani Eddington (music production)
RJEReturn Jump and Explode
RJERéseau des Jeunes Entreprises (French: Youth Business Network)
RJERegenerated Junctional Epithelium (periodontology)
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The RJE terminals are used for reading cards and printing reports on plant payroll, inventory, order/invoice and maintenance.
(9.) Chos-skyong-'bum is mentioned in Tshe-dbang-nor-bu, Bod rje (Dujom MS), p.
'byon (1) 'gyur 'byon bzhin pa rnams kyis (2) dbus/ ris su ma chad pa'i bstan 'dzin gyi skyes bu chos ston pa rnams lags so/ chos (3) phun sum tshogs pa/ gdul bya dbang po rno brtul gyi bsam pa dang mthun par gsungs pa'i bka' tshad ma rgyu pha rol tu phyin pa'i theg pa dang/ 'bras bu gsang sngags rdo rje theg pa gnyis/bstan bcos tshad ma rgya bod kyi mkhas grub tshad ldan rnams kyi
To name only a few, there are 16 volumes of handwritten manuscript of 'Bum from the monastery of Phugdrak, 16 volumes of handwritten manuscripts of 'Bum commissioned by Tsagtra, chieftain of eastern Kongpo during the 15th century (approximately), and a handwritten manuscript of Gnyal zhing 'jam dpal rdo rje's Mngon rtogs gyi 'grel bshad--a commentary on prajnaparamita teaching, claimed to be written in 13th century and which is listed in Akhu ching Shes rab rgya mtsho's (1803-1875) rare text list.
* mKhas grub rje states that "somebody like Phya pa" takes "unreal" (bden med) as "established in reality" (bden grub), because he does not distinguish between "fit to withstand investigation by logical analysis which investigates the absolute" (de kho na nyid dpyod pa 'i rigs pas dpyad bzod) and "established by logical argumentation" (rigs pas grub pa).
Pandita Don yod rdo rje and Khams ba Lo tswa ba Ba ri, Bstan 'gyur, PU, ff.244r-246r
Part III is a similar healing narrative concerning Ga-gar Ltangs kyi rje of Yar-lung Sogs-dkar, who resides in the stronghold (mkhar) Bar-pa Zo-brang, and is also possessed by a demon (11.
Yang ston chen po's son 'Bum rje 'od apparently, produced a long, medium and short version of a rGyud dbang.
Two of them--U rgyan pa and Man lung pa--went to rDo rje gdan on more than one occasion.
The chief official at Sha cu appeared to be Rtse rje, a title Uray (pp.
The phenolic content was reduced in cultivars Marandu (F = 7.23; df = 5; P = 0.0000), Ruziziensis (F = 4.32; df = 5; P = 0.0014), and RJE (F = 2.74; df = 5; P = 0.0238) when exposed to nitric oxide, and significantly higher concentrations were recorded for Basilisk (F = 5.03; df = 5; P = 0.0004) for salicylic acid + nymphs and nitric oxide without nymphs compared with other treatments.
Police identified the dead suspect as Jay Tio, 24, a former security guard from RJE Speed Guard Security and Investigation Agency and who resided in Barangay Pasong Tamo, Quezon City.