RJLBarndoor Skate (FAO fish species code)
RJLRadio Judaica Lyon (French radio station)
RJLRaymond J. Lucia Companies, Inc. (wealth management; San Diego, CA)
RJLRigas Juras Linijas (Latvian: Riga Sea Line)
RJLRomuald Jonathan Laetitia (French transport company)
RJLRemus John Lupin (fictional character)
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For the purpose of this study, the report includes major players such as COSMED srl, GENERAL ELECTRIC, OMRON Corporation, seca, Tanita, Bodystat, RJL SYSTEMS Inc, Hologic Inc., Maltron International Ltd, InBody CO., Ltd, SELVAS Healthcare, Inc., beurer, LAICA S.p.A, AKERN SRL, ImpediMed Ltd and ImpediMed Inc.
Jogadores (Posicoes) IMC GC (%) A1 (Central) 24,02 8 A2 (Central) 21,38 15 Media (Central) 22,70 11,5 A3 (Levantador) 21,18 16 A4 (Levantador) 24,45 17 Media (Levantador) 22,82 16,5 A5 (Ponteiro) 18,2 13 A6 (Ponteiro) 21,81 11 Media (Ponteiro) 20,0 12 A7 (Libero) 23,06 20 A8 (Oposto) 22,63 13 A9 (Ponteiro/Libero) 20,37 6 A10 (Ponteiro/Oposto) 23,12 12 Media (time) [+ o -] DP 22,02 [+ o -] 1,86 13,10 [+ o -] 4,18 Referencia 18,5 a 24,9 (a) 5 a 16 (b) Fonte: (a) WHO (2006); (b) Viebig e Nacif (2008); (c) Bioimpedancia Quantum II RJL Systems.
RJL customers benefit by being introduced on a fully-disclosed basis to multiple prime broker custodians, allowing investment managers to diversify custodial risk while enjoying the operational ease of a single trading solution, service team and reporting system.
341-408 In Solleiro RJL, Castanon IR [eds.], Introduccion al ambiente del maiz transgenico: Analisis de ocho casos en Iberoamerica, Mexico.
(1) Fraunhofer Institut fur Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik (ITWM), 67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany; (2) RJL Micro&Analytic, 76689 Karlsdorf-Neuthard, Germany
BIA measurements were determined with a QuantumX[R] (RJL Systems, Point Heron, MI) four-electrode single frequency (800 pA, 50 KHz) analyzer.
Body fat was determined by electrical impedance with an RJL Systems Quantum X Bioelectric Impedance Analyzer (Minneapolis, MN).
Fat mass, percent body fat and lean mass were assessed with bioelectrical impedance equipment (BIA-106, RJL Systems, USA).
234.351 Crore enhanced Fund- Based Bank Facility of Renaissance Jewellery Limited (RJL) +.The long term rating has been provided a stable outlook.
Additional reception corporate sponsors included: the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, Anheuser Busch Companies Inc., The RJL Companies Inc., United Parcel Service and the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association.