RKARencana Kegiatan dan Anggaran (Indonesian: Activity Plan and Budget)
RKARiverdale Kingsbridge Academy (Bronx, New York)
RKARanged Killing Attack (gaming)
RKARhinebeck Karate Academy (Rhinebeck, NY)
RKARelativistic Klystron Amplifier
RKARocket Knight Adventures (video game)
RKARossiskaja Kosmitska Agentura (Russian Space Agency; now Rosaviakosmos)
RKARekey Agent
RKARight Knee Arthroscopy
RKARayhaan Khan Ahmed (UK)
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If (i) THPS is [universal.sub.2], extracting, key-homomorphic and has a hard subset membership problem, (ii) AE is one-time secure, and (iii) H is collision-resistant, then the scheme AIAE in Figure 5 is IND-[F.sub.raff]-RKA and weak-INT-[F.sub.raff]- RKA secure.
This completes the proof of Theorem 15 (weak-INT-[F.sub.raff] RKA security).
There was a significant correlation between several radiographic measures at follow-up and the clinical outcome (RKA & SF36-MCS: p =.03, r = -0.4; LSL & SF36-MCS: p =.01, r = -0.5; LL & ODI: p =.056 (trend), r = -0.3).
There were no significant differences between the preoperative and follow-up values for the RKA (11.7 [+ or -] 6.6[degrees] versus 12.7 [+ or -] 9.2[degrees], p > .05) and TLA (11.2 [+ or -] 5.8[degrees] versus 14.7 [+ or -] 9.2[degrees], p = .08).
Amount of loan Relativity received from RKA Film Financing for release of "Masterminds," Kidnap" and other films
Rka has undergone surgery and since February 2011 is receiving twice weekly chemotherapy treatment.
Disney Dining was launched in February 2011 and has become one of the fastest growing Disney fan sites on the web,” said Rick Killingsworth, President of RKA Media.
Rick Killingsworth, President and Founder, RKA Media LLC.
On the hiring of Tre, Montell Irvin, President/CEO of RKA, stated, “I have known Tre for over 25 years and I am extremely excited to have him within our firm.
Stephenson has 14 years of experience, of which over 11 of them have been with RKA. He holds a B.S.