RKBResponder Knowledge Base
RKBRadio Kyushu Broadcasting (Japan)
RKBRussell Knox Building (US Navy)
RKBRebecca Kelly Ballet (New York, NY)
RKBRice Knowledge Bank (International Rice Research Institute)
RKBReichskriegerbund (German; Nazi attire)
RKBRuang Kelas Baru (Indonesian: New Classrooms; school construction; Indonesia)
RKBRussische Kommerzial Bank (German: Russian Commercial Bank; Zurich, Switzerland)
RKBRotary Kelly Bushing
RKBRig Kelly Bushing (oil and gas depth reference point)
RKBReef Keeping Basics (Eric V. Van Der Hope book)
RKBRetail Knowledge Bank (UK)
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RKB's activities in 2016-2017 were largely focused on dubious transit operations, which posed a real threat to the interests of its creditors and depositors.
The overtures from RKB for Uniastrum date back to October 2013, when the Russian bank addressed a letter to BoC CEO John Hourican and BoC chairman Christis Hassapis.
The Surprise ST-1 well has reached a Total Depth of 2,732m RKB within the Pacoota Sandstone.
A sensor manufacturing company called RKB optoelectronics provided a demonstration web inspection system to be used in pilot-scale experiments and we performed the experiments in a paper mill in Wisconsin called Appleton Papers.
Moreover, DIA has issued a letter of comfort in favour of RKB to acknowledge its responsibility for ensuring the bank's stable financial condition and the fulfillment of its obligations to creditors, the agency added.
Renovating the existing buildings into a multi-tenant business campus, RKB Architects, Campanelli Cos., and their engineers managed to revitalize and repurpose a worn space into a modern, attractive facility.
Abbreviations: NKB: Neutral (90 [degrees]) Kneading Block; CKB: Conveying (+45 [degrees]) Kneading Block; RKB: Reversely Conveying Kneading Block (-22.5 [degrees]); and MG: Mixing Gear.
Drilling began following re-entry of new Lower Stairway Formation at the base of the previously cored zone at approximately 2,572m RKB and it is apparent that there is a depth discrepancy between measured depth reported by the previous operation in December 2010 at the base of the core, ie 2,554m.
Fair to good oil shows accompanied by background gas with high "heavy" gas components of approximately 20 units with peaks up to 40 units have continued through any thin sands encountered in the Lower Stairway Sandstone and the Horn Valley Siltstone which was encountered at approximately 2,556m RKB almost immediately below the cored zone of 2546.2m to 2553m RKB cut in December 2011.